Wholesale of pharmaceuticals
and cosmetic products

Training activities in Europe

(exchange programs and training)

Europe Healthy Technology B.V. helps employees and professionals in hospitals, clinics and universities, who want to further develop their knowledge and skills, to find training or education in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Training for:

  1. Quality
  2. Quality Management System – QMS
  3. Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP
  4. Proper distribution of products – GDP
  5. Laws and regulations
  6. Auditing and Inspections
  7. Report
  8. Training products MonaLisa, GyneFix and Gyn-CS

Training products MonaLisa, GyneFix and Gyn-CS

Before using the MonaLisa, GyneFix and Gyn-CS contraceptive products correctly and safely in patients, it is of the utmost importance to follow the training courses below, which will be given in collaboration with ReLarc B.V. and MonaLisa B.V. in Belgium. We look forward to meeting you and having an enriching and mind-stimulating experience on this R.T.D

Pharmaceutical products

Europe Healthy Technology B.V. is a company that has been active in the pharmaceutical sector for about 10 years. Professionals who have acquired the know-how in the distribution and sale of medicines.

Today, the company daily distributes medicines produced by the main national and multinational pharmaceutical companies, with which it has collaborative and synergy relationships. This guarantees customers competence, speed and capacity in distribution.

Our products

We sell a lot of brand and generic medicines to the whole world and thereby also to you.

Cosmetic products

Beautiful skin and staying young, an ideal that is seen as a sign of health and life in almost all cultures. It deserves a corresponding amount of attention. Over time, our skin changes due to various internal and external influences.

Europe Healthy Technology B.V. is an international cosmetics wholesaler and offers numerous branded products for retailers.