Europe Healthy Technology B.V.


To realize our vision, we want to ensure that we only interact with the trusted medical, pharmaceutical, dental, cosmetic and laboratory equipment suppliers. In addition, also with local doctors, dentists, hospitals, other healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations to ensure that we are the source of quality products and services for our customers.


Our vision is to be the preferred medical, pharmaceutical, dental, cosmetic and laboratory equipment, distribution company. We do this by providing high quality branded, general medical, dental, cosmetic and pharmaceutical drugs, supplements, other medical products and related (laboratory) equipment at the best prices to all our customers around the world.

We will also develop our company into a leading brand within 5 years.

Europe Healthy Technology B.V. (EHT) was founded in 2015 in The Netherlands. EHT has its main office in The Netherlands and has representatives in the major cities of northern Iraq: Erbil, Dohuk and Sulaimania.


The aim of EHT is to deliver high quality products and services related to Human health and Education to the countries Iraq, Jordan and the Gulf States.


Since 2008 the founders have been conducting studies on medical and educational problems that exist in the Kurdistan region of The studies were conducted in close cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and with Universities, Clinics and Hospitals in Northern Iraq. They documented antibiotic resistance in the region and analyzed Educational Programs that stimulate Scientific Development. The studies have resulted in scientific publications, two PhD thesis and invited presentations on the International Conference on Revitalizing Research in Kurdistan.
From these contacts it became clear that there exists a need for high quality products and services related to Human health and Education. EHT was founded to deliver the customers in these countries medical and educational products of the highest quality. For this purpose EHT uses its valuable network of contacts within Hospitals, Universities and Government branches (ministries of Health,Higher Education, office of the President)


Health tourism: mediation for patients who need to receive treatment in a European country.

Development and distribution of E-health applications.

Medical equipment and medicines.

Education activities performed in Europe (exchange programs, traineeships).